Supergirl #56 and Fables #98 Reviews

September 23, 2010

Out of the three new comics I picked up today I select two of them to review (the third GI Joe Origins #19 was a silent issue and while it is chock full of awesome and emotional energy It’d be hard to do it justice with mere text).

Supergirl #56

Written by: Sterling Gates
Pencils: Jamal Igle
Inks: Jon Sibal
Colors: Blond
Letters: Travis Lanham
Cover Art: Amy Reeder, Richard Friend, & Guy Major
Asst Editor: Wil Moss
Editor: Matt Welson

Supergirl #56 has just about one of the coolest covers I’ve ever seen; I’m serious there are maybe 10 comic covers I’d love to proudly hang on my wall as posters and this one just made the list. Bizzarogirl and Supergirl ‘s capes swirling around to form a ying-yang the two girls elbows forming the points in the center while their respective planets form the background, this cover is pure artistry!

Anyway the plot picks up from the last issue, just to give a brief recap Supergirl was forced out of early retirement from the superhero biz by the appearance of a Bizzaro version of herself, with the help of Doctor Light she managed to subdue the creature. Doctor Light intended to take Bizzarogirl back to Star Labs for incarceration and study, remembering how she had delivered Reactron to her own people during the the events of World Against the S, to be subjected to torture and study, a choice which would eventually spell the doom for New Krypton, Supergirl decides she can’t be responsible for placing Bizzarogirl in the same situation, knocks her out and takes her back to Bizzaro World.

And that’s where we come in, Supergirl discovers not all Bizzaros are a like, Bizzaro Lex (whom Bizzaro Girl thinks is sexy which really squicks out Supergirl), doesn’t talk in opposites and is almost intelligible, but the different Bizzaro Dialects make things a bit confusing at times, thankfully Igle’s art is awesome and it by emotional cues you can sort through it all without too much difficulty. I’m really loving the characterization here, Kara is still having mixed feelings about putting the costume back on and is still blaming herself for the death of her people… but we’re also seeing another side of her during New Krypton she joined the Science Guild and we’re seeing her approach things more analytically and with a smattering of technobabble. In the last two years Sterling Gates has really seen Kara go through a lot of organic and natural growth and the writing in Supergirl alone makes New Krypton feel like it had purpose and wasn’t just a publicity stunt.

An alien spaceship, which turns out to be an alien devourer attacking Bizzaro World, I love the designs for these especially from the transition from alien dreadnought to mother bug.

A Bug hunt, Supergirl’s personal demons, and a whole world of Bizzaro’s… it’s very much a recipe for fun.

Quality Rank: 4/5 Superb Artwork, Excellent Character development, and one of teh best damn covers ever.

Out of the Fridge Rank: 4.5/5 (Nowhere Near the Fridge), The art is remarkably free of the “The Male Gaze” The female characters are intelligent, unique and well handled.

Love it!

Fables #98

Written & Created by: Bill Willingham
Pencils: Mark Buckingham
Inks: Steve Leialoha & Dan Green
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Todd Klien
Cover Art: Joao Ruas
Asst Editor: Angela Fufino
Editor: Shelly Bond

Fables 98 has a lot happening, Rose Red finally comes out of seclusion gets all the warring camps on the Farm together and in her best stalone voice declares, “I am the law! Drop your weapons! These blocks are under arrest!”

Okay she doesn’t quite do that, but she does establish herself as top dog with Brockheart/Stinky, Geppetto and Ozma as her advisers. Bellflower, formerly Frau Totenkinder, learns how to kill the Dark Man, though what he represents can never be destroyed, and reappears in Fabletown. Snow takes the cubs to safety, and finally Snow and Red reconcile again, this time Red fully admitting she was in the wrong now that she understands that her sister never truly abandoned her.

This issue has made me realize as much as Fables is an ensemble book with no regular lead, Snow, Red and Bellflower are the closest things. Bigby is probably up here for lead supporting man, but it’s these three that form the ruling triumvirate of Fabletown; it’s these three that have have to do the most growing and learning as the series goes on. In a story that’s chock-full of dashing and heroic men and women these three characters stand out from the rest.

I briefly wondered if the series might end at issue 100 as it seems we’re coming to the conclusion of the fight with Mr. Dark and I can’t imagine what will come next but there’s still that business with the Blue Fairy so I’m guessing it’s not over yet and my butt is still firmly planted in the seat of this rollercoaster until it comes to a complete stop.

Quality Rating 5/5 Great Art, A very efficient issue which doesn’t waste a word of dialogue.

Out of the Fridge Rating 5/5
(Remarkably positive, nowhere near the fridge no real complaints): The Women from Rose to Clara the Raven/Dragon are all in fine form and the art is not exploitative at all.


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