Marvel Previews for September 29… Valkyrie Number 1

September 24, 2010

Comic Book Resources has posted previews for the Marvel Comics coming out next week; I’m going to look a little more closely at Valkyrie #1 but here are links to the other previews:

Amazing Spider-Man #644
Atlas #5
Avengers Prime #3
Captain America #610
Captain America: Patriot #2
Casanova #3
Franken-castle #21
Heroic Age: One Month to Live #5
Namor: The First Mutant #2
Secret Warriors #20
X-Men Forever 2 #8
X-Men Legacy #240
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants – X-Men vs. Vampires #1

I may pick up Avengers Prime, have to appretiate the well written dialogue there, “Hela, you witch from Hell,” ah classic, it’s funny because she’s the the ruler of the Norse version of Hell, that makes it oh so witty.

Anyway with that out of the way let’s take a look at the preview for Valkyrie #1.

Valkyrie #1


Written by: Bryan J.L. Glass
Art: Phil Winslade
Colors:Veronica Gandini
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Cover Art: Jay Anacleto & Brian Haberlin

This cover is pretty good, it definitely fits with the character’s motif, she looks strong and imposing.

Oh so that’s how it happened, I really need to go back and read the Marvel version of Ragnarok, wasn’t reading much in terms of comics around that time.

I’m not sure how I feel about this; the first shot we see of our heroine is one of her in complete terror the threat of rape by a powerful man cloaked in shadow and all power having been taken away from her she has to choose between submitting to this man or taking the fatal plunge… Doesn’t really seem like an auspicious start, and you all know the rule about using rape in a back story? When it doubt… don’t.

On the other hand it does set her up for taking her life back into her own hands as we’ll see… I think it works well; it’s just that those first two pages are kinda disturbing.

The cliché that ruined a 1000 operas! Awesome, hopefully this will inspire some people to actually look into the origins of this character. Again I don’t really know too much about the early bits of Thor’s return after the Civil War, I know he found the mortal forms of the different Asgardians and woke them up but I’ll be curious to see what happens with Valkyrie in this time.

I might be missing something… but is there any medical reason why they wouldn’t have buttoned her shirt back up? It doesn’t really feel too fanservicy to me, just wondering why she’s still exposed.

I’m really curious as to where it’ll go from here! Expect a full review next week.


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