Fables are Forever, and so is frostbite.

November 18, 2010

Fables is one of my favorite comic franchises of all time; I really think it’s one of the most unique and well thought out stories in recent comic history.

Just reaching it’s 100th issue this month, Fables is the story of Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf and all the other figures we know from literature and fairy tales struggling to regain their place in the world. A Mysterious Adversary forced them from their home and they’ve settled in ours, the so called “mundane” world, though it might be the most magical of all. All 100 issues are scribed by Bill Willingham, so they maintain a consitent level of quality.

The series is for the most part pretty equal opportunity when it comes to providing sex appeal, and the female characters all read like real people. It does have a few sex scenes here and there and some very distrubing scenes, but over all I think it’s a great series.

It’s sister-series, Jack of Fables, much less so, since the titular Jack is a misogynistic, womanizing ass-hole…

But I was impressed with the mini-series “Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love,” yes it was sexy but again it was equal oppurtunity sexy, with Aladdin coming along to provide the “hot man” quotionent, and it dealt with women’s issues and the villains were women, and come on it’s James Bond with a woman as the star.

But the cover for the upcoming sequel “Fables Are Forever” is just the stupidest thing I’ve never seen.

Moscow? Snow? Fur hat? Bikini? One of these things does not belong with the other…

It’s not an homage to James Bond’s “Diamonds Are Forever” that’d at least make sense…

I’m hoping it’ll still be a good series, but that cover is not necessary. I’d expect it to be sexy, but tone it back a bit please; she looked pretty bad ass and sexy on the first one.

She’s a millenia old superspy who can heal from just about anything, but frostbite is neither fun nor stealthy.


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