Reviews for Feb 2 comics Part 1

February 8, 2011

Oz/Wonderland Kids, Warriors Three, Ozma of Oz, More coming later today

Oz/Wonderland Kids #1

Created by: Ben Avery & Casey Heying
With Words By: Ben Avery
Pictures by: Alan Schell
Inks By: Therry Huddleston
Colors by: Yina Goh
Covery by: Alan Schell & Jamie Hood

Oz/Wonderland Kids is yet another Oz/Wonderland Chronicles spin-off. It’s very cute but it’s a bit annoying that they keep throwing out one shoots and delaying the final issue of the actual mini-series.

The basic premise is that while travelling down the Yellow Brick Road a portal to Wonderland is somehow opened, and Toto chases the white Rabbit through it and Dorothy follows trying to get him back, along the way encountering the personalities of Wonderland including Alice. Meanwhile the Wicked Witch of the West forms an alliance with the Queen of Hearts.

The humour is off beat and filled with a lot of puns and silly non-sensical gags, basically the mix between Baum and Carol that it should have (a bit more Baum which is good since it prevents me from going crazy).

The artwork is very cute but oldy Dorothy looks older then her regressed age in the main series, and Alice looks a little bit like Mandy from Billy and Mandy at times, still it fits the tone of the book well.

There’s a bit of potential gendering issues in that Dorothy seems to force her male companions into a tea party which they do not really enjoy. I honestly think despite the fact that two of them don’t drink it’d be very much in character for them to enjoy a tea party, they are all sensitive and cultured individuals. It does even out a bit that Alice want’s to get away from her party too.

The highlight of the book has to be the point where Dorothy bumps into the playing cards painting the roses red and gets the paint spilled over her shoes. The comic exclaims “Red shoes for Dorothy, whoever heard of such a thing?” Which is simply hilarious.

Comic Quality 4/5
Out of the Fridge Score 4/5
Bechdel Test: Pass

Warriors Three #3

Written by: Bill Willingham
PencilerNeil Edwards
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colors: Fabio D'Auria
Letters: VC's Clayton Cowles
Cover Art: Edwards & Oback
Asst. Editor: Charlie Beckerman
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada
Publisher Dan Buckley
Executive Producer: Alan Fine

Bill Willingham strikes again in Warriors Three; he’s an author who continually manages to deliver gripping stories and he’s not disappointing here.

Hot in the trail of the escaped Fenris, the Warriors Three come to an aim outpost that has been recently destoryed only to fight Helen an AIM Scientist who has been imbued with the Great Wolf’s strength. After the requisite fight they ally themselves with her and find out that Fenris has gained the ability to change is shape into whatever he consumes and he is own his way to Asgard to destroy it with a powerful bomb created by AIM.

The story of how the AIM agents freed Fenris really makes the wolf seem like an evil version of Bigby Wolf from Willingham’s long running Fables series, both of them have inherited their father’s ability to shapeshift but had no desire to learn it and need to be assisted by outside means to develop the ability after neglecting it for so long. To do this they feed Fenris an AIM “looser” named Jack, could this be a way for Bigby to get non-canon revenge on Jack of the Tales?

The art is great and Helen or Skadhir as she comes to be named by her Asgarian allies is awesome! Seriously I’ve not been this excited for a new female character since the return of the classic versions of Supergirl and Sider-girl She’s smart, she’s strong and she’s actually given a properly muscled physique to match her power. The men accept her as an equal and even tell her that she will be welcomed in Asgard (thanks to her status as a demi-goddess with her DNA melded with Fenris’)

Honestly this is probably my favourite mini-series in a long time.

Comic Quality 5/5
Out of the Fridge Score 5/5
Bechdel Test: Fail

Ozma of Oz #4

Written by: Eric Shanower
Art: Skottie Young
Colors: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letters: Jeff Eckleberry
Cover Art: Skottie Young
Asst Editor: Taylor Esposito
Editors: Sana Amanat & Nathan Cosby
Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada
Publisher Dan Buckley
Executive Producer: Alan Fine

Finally, this is the moment in Ozma of Oz that I have been waiting for, finally the debut proper of Princess Ozma. She arrives, and frees Dorothy from Princess Langweirde and starts off the quest to free the Queen of Ev.

Skottie Young’s art is amazing in this issue, I love how emotive Ozma is you really can tell when she’s being whimsical, when she has utter disdain for Princess Langweirde and when she’s troubled. The designs for the new character of the Hungry Tiger is really fun, not at all what I imagined when reading the books, but still great none-the-less.

There’s one change made for the sake of pacing that I absolutely loved, when Ozma first arrives at the door of the princess’ castle she declared “I am the ruler of the Land of Oz, and I’m powerful enough to destroy your whole kingdom, if I so wish.” This line isn’t used in the book to make her grand entrance rather it’s used later to get the Princess of Ev to accede to her demands, the use of it off the bat really gives Ozma a more caviller tone which goes well with how she has been and will continue to be portrayed throughout the story.

This comic is just beyond great.

Comic Quality 5/5
Out of the Fridge Score 5/5
Bechdel Test: Pass


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