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Brief thoughts on the Wonder Woman/Superman paring

August 22, 2012

A Variant Cover for Justice League #12 showing Superman and Wonder Woman embracing in the air, Wodner Woman’s Lasso circling them about the page several times and tired around Superman. Wonder Woman’s left leg is raised up.

I am behind on reading several of the comics in my pull-list, one of those is Justice League so it was news to me when I discovered via twitter and Newsarama this morning that Superman and Wonder Woman are now an official in universe item. Now I personally like the way their relationship was handled in the excellent graphic novel, Kingdom Come, and given the fact that both characters are essentially immortal, Superman only so in the more modern versions, I could see the characters ending up as an item somewhere down the line.

A comic panel from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Strikes back, showing Wonder Woman kissing Superman
The text reads: Where is the man who stole my Amazon Heart? Where is the hero who threw me to the ground and took me as his rightful price?Where is the god whose passion shattered a mountaintop? Where is that man? Where is that Superman?

This paring can also have extremely negative implications when handled poorly, such is the case in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns Universe where the implications are the relationship is born of rape an has shades of the trope “Every Amazon Wants Hercules.” That trope posits that a strong woman must always desire a strong man who can dominate her, especially if she is previously shown to be misanderist in some way (A quick note: Wonder Woman properly written is not misanderist; Wonder Woman written by Frank Miller is).

Regardless of how it’s used to good or poor effect in various Elseworlds and Future stories; I firmly believe it’s the wrong move for the present day main continuity. Having either character in a relationship with a super on their own power level creates a need for them to frequent each other’s solo books, and particularly in the case of Superman guest starring in Wonder Woman I feel he would draw thunder away from the Amazon princess. The only plus side I can see to this is since Superman is weak against the kind of enemies Wonder Woman usually fights, supernatural or magical enemies, she would likely not be playing the damsel in her own book which would be disastrous.

Of course I have major qualms with the way both of these characters have been treated in the reboot, particularly in the changing of Wonder Woman’s origin story… but this is the move that has by far made me cringe the most over the last year worth of rebooted comics. I’ve managed to enjoy Wonder Woman’s book in spite of it’s flaws and several other of the DC books as well but it does seem like the top brass keep making one poor choice after another.