Out of the Fridge Review Ranking System

Here at Out of the Fridge, we use three metrics when looking at comics; they are as follows:

Quality Rank

This is a simple ranking from 1-5, like many reviewers use 1-1.5 would be poor, 2-2.5 would be bad-mediocre depending, 3-3.5 would be good, 4-4.5 would be excellent and 5 would have blown me away for some reason.

Out of the Fridge Score

This is a unique score which isn’t directly tied to the quality of the comic, but rather represents how pro-feminist or pro-queer a comic is. Does the comic have strong female characters who are treated with respect? Are any queer issues handled in a resonable way? These are the questions that this metric asks. Again this will be ranked out of 5.

1-1.5 In the Freezer: This comic must have been truly awful in some way, any queer or female characters are especially stereotyped, sexualized, abused or in other ways mistreated.

2-2.5 In the Fridge: There is more wrong then right with the treatment of women or queer characters in this comic. A major female/queer character may be used for a shock death, or just there to provide fanservice.

3-3.5 Out of the Fridge: There is more right the wrong with the treatment of women/queer characters in this comic, cheesecake may still abound but the characterization of the women in the comics is strong, they are independent or simply real people with motivations you can believe and relate too.

4-5 Nowhere Near the Fridge: This comic gets it all right, for some reason it comes out ahead and does something extra delightful with it’s female/queer characters. Usually a book will need to have a Queer or Female main character to get this rank, though there are exceptions.

N/A: For some reason it’s not fair to judge this book on it’s treatment of gender and sexuality, perhaps gender and sexuality are not issues in the story at all for some reason, like it’s about robots or it’s a period story where it wouldn’t make sense for women to present, or the cast is all male and women are not referenced for some reason.

And finally the last Metric:

The Bechdel Test

The Bechdel Test is a litmus test for female presence which asks if a comic meets three criteria

1) Does the comic feature two or more named women
2) Who talk to each other
3) About something other then a man?

A book isn’t necessarily pro feminist if it passes or anti-feminist if it fails the Bechdel test is primarily useful for tracking trends. In the future we will ad pages to this site which will track Bechdel test successes/failures by title and writer.


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